Join Us For 'The Challenge' After Show On Clubhouse Tonight At 9:45 With Devin, The Most Entertaining Person This Season

Must watch is a term we don't throw out lightly here, but the trivia episode of The Challenge is must watch every season. From the horrendous answers to TJ manically laughing, it's perfect television. 

So why wouldn't we do the no-brainer. Clubhouse has been everywhere the last week or so and we're jumping in with The Challenge After Show. I'll be joined by Devin, the most entertaining person on the cast this season to talk about the episode, the season and whatever other bullshit we discuss. 

Devin has been putting on an absolute clinic this year. From consistently pissing off the Big Brother cast to making Josh cry by simply asking him a math problem, it's been gold every time he's on the screen. 

He's great at getting under someone's skin. He's similar to like Pat Beverley in that scenario. So who else better to join me and some of the other guys from No Quitters on the After Show? I'm pumped for it. Like I said, nothing beats trivia night. I fully expect Fessy and Josh to deliver some dumbass answers tonight. 

I have a bunch of questions I want to ask Devin about this season from the bubble bar to some strategy. I'm pumped for this and also the fact that Clubhouse lets others join and ask questions. We'll be bringing people on to ask questions and talk about the show as well throughout the Clubhouse. 

9:45pm tonight, 15 minutes after the show ends we go live. Download the app, follow barstoolreags and barstoolsports on there. Let's celebrate the 5th major sport.