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Jose Canseco's Short-Lived Stint In The Rough N Rowdy Ring Was Referenced On AEW Dark Last Night

Skip to :55 to hear the reference....

"Beat 'em badly, with the KO....

Beat him so quick like he's Jose Canseco"

Billy Football vs Jose Canseco certainly wasn't the LONGEST fight I've ever seen, but it was the fight heard 'round the world this weekend for better or worse. That's undeniable.

As Dave mentioned on the broadcast/on Twitter, we shattered our own pay-per-view records - likely because a ton of people wanted to see if Jose Canseco could put up a fight at 56 years old, and as it turns out - he couldn't! 

Whether he took a dive or just realized this fight was a bad idea immediately, he decided 10 seconds into the fight that he wanted out, and quit. That sucked for everyone. We DID get some damn good memes out of the whole thing, though....

….and Shizzat the Rizzat did his best to give everyone their money's worth a few fights before our main event….

….but now the quick Canseco loss will also live on forever in this rap that The Acclaimed premiered on AEW Dark last night. 

The Acclaimed, comprised of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, are fantastic in the ring and very charismatic outside of it (as you can see from that video), and are definitely guys to look out for this year. Hilarious shoutout and crossover there. 

h/t Jack Boudreaux