UMass Commit Unique McLean Wins Dunk Contest With Sick Dunk...Gives UMass Hoops Something To Get Excited About

CBT – The Class of 2016 has some noted dunkers and UMass commit and guard Unique McLean deserves to be mentioned among the top of that group.

The 6-foot-2 guard threw down an impressive dunk contest slam at the KC Hardwood Classic, as he cleanly put down an under-the-legs dunk in front of a sea of people. With the pressure of all of those people around him filming, McLean deserves credit for how smooth this looks.

It’s not every day UMass hoops has something to get excited about. Marcus Camby ain’t walking through that door, Tony Gaffney ain’t walking through that door, Coach Calipari…well, you never know, with enough money there’s always a chance Cal walks through that door, but probably not likely that he’s walking through that door. Need something, anything to bring the hype back to the Minutemen and it looks like we might have found the guy to do it.

Unique McLean. He’s got the name, and definitely has the hops.

What else do you need? Like a jump shot and shit? That will all work itself out. Dunk contest winning jams are where you start, and build from there.