We're Getting Close: The NCAA Tournament Schedule Has Been Released And The Change Is AWESOME

Don't get me wrong losing the Thursday is bullshit. I complained about that before, but we're moving on. We have a schedule and that's what my body needed today. I've gotten my shit kicked in watching Kentucky all year I'm ready to move on. I need to move on. Get me to March. Get me to 12 hours of college basketball on Friday. Get me to sweating out the bets and buzzer beaters. There's no better 4 days on the calendar than the first four days of the NCAA Tournament. It has everything we want and need. It's also why I voted for number 1 on the Dogwalk draft this week. That Monday (this year Tuesday) SUCKS. 4 days of eating like shit, drinking, sweating it all out then you have to go into the cube and listen to people talk about their bracket. 

But why is this awesome? That Sweet 16 schedule. It's the first year we're getting stand alone games for that and that's something that needs to stick. I hate when we have four games on the day and it's just in two windows. Let me focus on one game during the second weekend. Let all my attention go to one game, take a breath and do it again 30 minutes later. Even better is we're getting games all day and night. Starting at 2pm and ending at midnight? Yes, please. It's not like I sleep during March anyways. Who cares about a late tip? I'd rather games be spread out instead of bunched together. Shit, we're getting Monday day time games at least. I can live with this. I'll complain about not having Thursday, but I can live with this. 

Again, it fucking sucks that it's Friday-Monday for the first weekend. That Thursday is a sacred day. There's something perfect about the Sunday night game ending and starting the new week. My entire brain is going to be in a pretzel when that's a Monday and when on Thursday I go to turn on the games and it's the First Four. I'm done complaining about late night tips. It's what it's always going to be and we're all still going to watch. 

Just get me to March man. And give us Baylor/Gonzaga.