Some Footage Of Smitty Doing Stand Up Back In The Day For You Savages

And this appropriately should do it for the Barstool Philly Classics time while moving to NYC. Gotta take it wayyyy back to the beginning (’09-’10 here, I think?) to appreciate where we’re going. Looking back at it, I’m shocked I made it past waiting at The Raven Lounge for a 2 min set at 1:30 am on a weeknight or spending every damn weekend for over a year seating at the Doylestown Comedy Cabaret just to MC the show and get time. The grind for anybody who does stand up regularly should legit end more lives than it does.

I’ve alluded to doing Stand-up for a couple years before the dark days of NYC and poker curbstomped my soul to hell and back. Well, the Podcast is firing back up next week with the great Philly comic and Delco Proper’s Tommy Pope as our guest. (UPDATE: That podcast has still yet to happen. I don’t know why, either.). I figured since we’re gonna shoot the shit about the grind of a Stand-Up Comedian I’d throw this recently found gem out there (Tommy and I literally started out the same week doing open mics. One succeeded, one didn’t. Take a guess which one is which). Believe it or not, I performed a bunch back in the day. If there was a stage and mic, I was there. But I think this is from the Philly’s Phunniest contest in like 2009. Judging by Helium’s old background, me looking in somewhat shape, and that killer Ghosts Of Girlfriend’s Past reference I’m pretty sure that’s right. No, I didn’t win. In fact I never got out of the first round. Lotta talent floating around this City Of Brotherly Love.

In all seriousness, everyone should try Stand-Up just one time in life. It takes BALLS to get up there for the first time. If not, get out there and support live comedy. There are a ton of amazing comics in Philly alone that do great shit. Show the scene some love.