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Basketball School: An Alabama Fan Put Up Billboards Across Tuscaloosa Criticizing The Team After They Lost To Missouri

Never in a million years did I think an Alabama basketball fan would so pissed about losing to Missouri they'd put up signs all across Tuscaloosa. Think this guy might just be bored with winning under Saban, he's looking for a challenge. That said, the billboards are hilariously bad. They read like signs you see at rink basketball. Rebound! Oh, thanks there Michael, I was unaware that was a key part to the game. There's also ZERO surprise that Nate Oats loves this. Just a reminder this is what Nate Oats does. He hands out hard hats after the game to the most gritty player: 

The team’s hard hat award is a painted-white construction hat with a Crimson script-A embossed on either side and gets presented to the player with the most “blue-collar” points or plays in the game. While many of those points are officially tallied upon film review, a general indicator is the player’s plus-minus contribution in the game.

I wouldn't be surprised if Oats put up the billboards himself. He fucking loves it (h/t Tuscaloosa): 

"I love it," Oats said in the press conference after Tuesday's game. "Shoot, they're obviously into basketball if somebody is paying to put billboards up to tell us to rebound the ball. They're on the same page as the coaching staff."

How can I believe that this Michael guy did it when he says you need to be able to protect the paint when playing against Villanova. Buddy, have you ever seen Nova play? The only thing they do in the paint is put a guard down there and use it as a passing method. Seems like a weird team to pick out about having to rebound and protect the paint against. 

Feel like this guy has been sitting on this for quite some time though. No doubt he was saving it for Bama football, but what can you complain about? Oh having a dynasty stinks. That's why it's time to start riling up the basketball team. They are a Final Four contender with the way they not only shoot the ball but the fact they are a damn good defensive team. Anything to support the team.