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Jimmy Butler Deserves An Oscar For This Sell Job

Some would argue that an act like this is what's ruining the NBA. Shut up nerds. If you can't enjoy Jimmy Butler's grift here well then that sounds like a you problem not an NBA problem. The crazy thing is Jimmy Butler most definitely did not do this as a joke, he 10000% was under the impression that it would work. That's how easily officials are baited in today's NBA. Listen the Heat are scrapping right now. They need every single win they can get. Covid has gutted their lineup which doesn't help and at 9-14 you have to be willing to do whatever you can to secure that W. Nobody knows that more than Jimmy Butler. He knows that as the leader of this Heat team he has to make sure they don't lose to the Knicks. If that means try and sell a flagrant then so be it. I commend the commitment to the grift. Plus, who is going to say shit to Jimmy Butler? He's a crazy person.

We've all been in Jimmy Butler's shoes at one point or another in our lives. You've pulled this very move yourself on your own mother without remorse. You just wanted to hang out and watch Sportscenter 50,000 times, maybe take a little afternoon nap. The second that door closed and the coast was clear was the best feeling on the planet as a kid. So I can relate to Jimmy Butler in this situation. Probably the only time that's ever going to happen in my life, so that's pretty cool.