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Cliff Notes Of My Emergency Press Conference And Why Roger Goodell And the NFL Can Go To Hell

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So I did my emergency press conference earlier today.   I’m sure not everybody sat through the entire thing so I figured I should post my cliffnotes version of why Tom Brady is clearly innocent.


Keep in mind these are facts.  These are straight from the NFL’s explanation for upholding the suspension.


  1. Tom Brady printed out the exact PSI rule that said balls couldn’t be lower than 12.5 PSI and had the equipment guys hand it to the officials.   Why would somebody who is about to break the rules hand the officials the official rule he is about to break?  This just goes back to the ealier texts when Brady was mad about the balls being way overinflated in the Jets game.  He knows the refs were unorganized and loosey goosey with PSI.  He was reminding them that he wanted the balls at 12.5.  As I’ve said from the beginning that’s what he instructed Jastremski to do.  To make sure the refs didn’t fuck with the balls.  He never told him to go lower.  He knew the refs couldn’t be trusted so he wanted to make sure they were how he liked them within the rulebook.  That’s why he printed it out.  If the NFL wasn’t incompetent none of this would have happend


  1. The Colts complained the day before the game about deflated footballs. Well how the hell can John Jastremski waltz into the officials locker room and take all the footballs out without anybody saying anything.  They knew this was an issue.  They knew the Colts complained about it.   Yet still he was able to take all the footballs without anybody noticing?  Sounds like the NFL wanted Jastermski to take them so they could run their little sting in which they already had tried and convicted the Pats before anything even happened.


  1. There are roughly 4 pages of Roger Goodell saying that the fact text and phone communications between Tom Braady and John Jastermski increased after Deflategate broke proves he did something wrong. Honestly think about that for a second.   That’s like if one of my employees got accused of a crime they would say I’m guilty if I started contacting them asking what the fuck was going on.  Of course Brady contacted Jastermski when Deflategate broke!   It’s common freaking sense.   Basically the NFL framed Brady and then when he inquired what was going on they say that proves he’s guilty.   It was a sting from the word go.


  1. Roger Goodell said he disregarded all the 3rd party unbiased scientific reports that said the balls weren’t deflated and poked holes in the Wells Report. Instead he trusted the firm that Ted Wells hired to validate his report  That firm or course is Exponent which was also hired by the Tobacco Industry to prove that cigarettes weren’t harmful.   The same firm that is basically a hired gun by the NFL.   So the firm that was paid by the NFL and Ted Wells and has a long and corrupt history of confirming the exact results their client want to hear was trusted over all the unpaid and unbiased scientists and companies who said the science in the Wells Report wouldn’t pass a middle school Science fair.




The Balls weren’t deflated.   They were the exact PSI they should have been if they started at 12.5 which they did.   Again I have to put  this in there because it’s the craziest part of this whole stupid saga.  The balls weren’t fucking deflated.  Tom Brady never wanted them lower than 12.5 PSI.   That’s why he printed out the rule and gave it to the officials.  The only thing Tom Brady is guilty of is that he told the equipment guys to make sure the refs didn’t overinflate them after he gave them the balls.  That’s it.  That’s why Jastermski took them to the bathroom.  To make sure we didn’t have another Jets situation on our hands.   Is that illegal?  I guess technically.  Is it a 4 game suspension?  Is it Brady’s fault the league is incompetent?  No fucking way.   This is about jealous rivals who haven’t been able to beat us on the field in two decades and ran a sting operation.   This has nothing to do with cheating or competitive advantages.   Former rivals, current rivals, and disgruntled league officials were out to get Tom Brady and the Patriots and he knew it. That’s why Brady wouldn’t turn over his phone.  You don’t cooperate with somebody who is trying to convict you regardless of whether you are guilty or not.   Everybody with a brain knows that.  It’s a sad day for the NFL.  Sad day for America.