Everyone's Getting Healthy At Exactly The Right Time

Anyone who pays attention to baseball would know the Mets would be in first place if they had traded for a bat at any point during the season. The Nats came into the season riddled with injuries and have stayed riddled with injuries all year. It’s a minor miracle they were able to hold onto first place in the East all season. But now, everyone is heeling up at exactly the right time. Zimm and Werth are both back tonight. Rendon is back. And Stras is close. Nats are a Dernard Span away from being completely healthy for the first time this season. Yes, an above .300 hitter and phenomenal outfielder away from being healthy. Feels good that Dan Uggla is no longer the first guy off the bench. Feels good that Clint Robinson will no longer be playing hot potato with the ball every time it’s hit to him in the outfield. Feels good that Harper finally has a guy protecting him in the lineup, should definitely help him get back on track. And with Ian Desmond finally remembering how to play baseball, this should be the time the Nats extend their NL East lead and gain momentum as the playoffs approach.

(Going to count tonight vs Jose Fernandez as a Spring Training game for them. Guy is 14-0 with a 1.17 ERA at home in his career. That’s actually insane. .85 WHIP. Good to get some reps in tonight but let’s just say tomorrow is the real start of the rest of the year.)