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Upside Down Bikinis Are The Newest Rage With Instagram Models

In what is a never ending quest for who can take the hottest pictures possible, post them on IG and rake in 100s of 1000s of dollars (if not more), instagram models are starting to put on their bikini tops upside down. Why you ask? It's simple, you fucking illiterate assholes - to showcase more underboob, at least according to the Daily Mail

Look, the underboob is in. The upperboob is out. If you disagree, go back to the '90s and play some Oasis or some shit. It's the year 2021, get with the game. 

Here are a few examples:

Fellas,,,, what do we think? Are we all in on the upside down bikini trend? As one who follows trends instead of starting them, I gotta know how I should consume my thrice daily scroll of Instagram bikini models. Let me know ASAP, please and thank you