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If You're Fighting For Love, Are You Showing Up In A Dodge Caravan?

Last night on The Bachelor (yes, it's still on) we had a "surprise" visit from a "surprise" older Bachelor alum (that barely anyone remembers)...but the biggest surprise of all, was the fact Heather, the "surprise" girl, showed up to the Nemacolin in a white Dodge Caravan. 

I don't think it takes a genius to see how out of place this is. The Bachelor budget OFTEN includes "cool" sports cars and other ritzy methods of transportation, for occasions such as this. It usually goes:

1. Cool older vintage car in a flashy color (mint green or red)

2. Some kind of new model Mustang

3. The contestant's "own" car (normally some kind of beat up pickup truck, to show how down to earth they are)

4. BIG TIME luxury car - Rolls Royce, Jaguar, etc

5. A helicopter

Where does "white minivan" fit on this list? It doesn't. No one even OWNS a white minivan anymore. The only time you see a white minivan is when your dad rents one to fit all of your shit in the car to move you into college. Is Heather moving into college? No. 

Catch last night's Cutting Stems where we talk shit AT LENGTH about this, the episode, Chris Harrison's acting skills, and more.