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We Interviewed The Russo Brothers And I NEED To See Their Idea For Star Wars Come To Life

One of the great things about The Mandalorian is the fact that it exists in the periphery of the main Star Wars story. We've sort of hit the limit on that main storyline, and seeing creators like Johnny Favs and Dave Filoni given the freedom to blaze their own path and build their own sub-universes within the larger world of Star Wars is an awesome and clearly successful strategy. While I love Mando, it has definitly worked its way more into the main lore (especially in S2). Especially with the ending, like Joe Russo mentioned at the end of that clip.

Here is what I would love for the Russos in this scenario:

- As little red tape as possible. I want them to be able to make the story they want to, the way they want to make it. I don't thinkthis is a particularly big ask since #1 They're the Russos, they have the capital, #2 They've made Disney a trillion dollars and #3 They're not exactly super R-rated guys. 

- An A+ writers room. I want them to really get out in the weeds and tell a story that is as disconnected from the main star wars storyline as possible. To do that, they need a team to help create something completely new, yet familiar. Like Joe says in the clip, they want the pathos to essentially remain the same since that is what drew the world into star wars in the first place. 

- A massive budget. Bigger than Mando. I want the world they make to have practical effects with as little green screen as possible. International shooting in amazing locations that are beyond deserts and goofy sci-fi set pieces. Go to Fjords in Norway, fields in New Zealand, bays in Thailand. Get the actors/actresses they want and the backend crew they need to make it work. 

I'd highly recommend giving the episode a listen to hear them talk about their new movie, 'Cherry', bunch of Marvel stuff and more.