Welcome To Lake Powell: America's 2nd Largest Man-Made Reservoir By Maximum Water Capacity

I know it's not exactly perfect weather to hit Lake Powell but there really isn't much of a choice today. I'm hitting the waters with Chaps shortly and the amateur fishing tour on Rapala Pro Series dictates that today's lines will be dropping in Lake Powell, Utah - home to over 2,000,000 tourists each year. Really quite impressive when you consider it didn't even exist 70 years ago. It wasn't until "scientists" armed with dynamite flooded the Grand Canyon that Lake Powell began to take shape. 

Today it's home to dozens of prized freshwater fish species that bring anglers and sportsmen from all over. Today Chaps and I will be canvassing this beauty for our own sweet little honey hall. I think the menu calls for large bass and with last week's tournament championship at Minnetonka, we're ready for a level 3 upgrade to the rod and reel. 

Tune in today to follow along the action. Chaps and I promise to get your day started the right way.