Nothing To See Here: Russell Wilson Says He Has No Idea If He's On The Trade Market, 'That's A Seahawks Question'

I'll say I think there's less than a 1% chance that Russell Wilson gets traded because why would the Seahawks do that? The only way it makes sense is if they land DeShaun Watson and why change everything up for two players that are pretty equal? But these quotes? In a word.


If your franchise player, a player you're completely building around, has no idea if he's on the trade market is insane. Feel like that's something should be pretty clear. Also should be a pretty clear 'no I'm playing for the Seahawks' type answer. I know he says how he wants to be a Seahawk forever and that's great. But the fact we have these rumors out here a day after the season ended is insane. We're talking about Russell Wilson. I know he's a corny dude and a little weird, but how many quarterbacks are you taking over him right now? He's a top-5 guy for me, at the minimum he's top-7. Pretty good! 

Then there's the quote from La Confora. I'm a bit jaded by him because of him switching from a Red Sox fan to an Orioles fan and lying about it. I can't take a guy like that serious. But here we are. I'm sure Russ is frustrated by the line. Look at what happened to Mahomes in the Super Bowl. That doesn't look fun. Just running for your life, taking hits and trying to make magic happen. Sure, Russ is fucking awesome at it, but it can't be enjoyable. The fact is you have a star WR in DK Metcalf, you have a decent running back in Chris Carson and a guy who I like as a No. 2 receiver in Tyler Lockett. 

Just start signing and drafting offensive line guys. Russ is still in his prime and in no way is he Brady, but look how long Brady is playing. The primes are lasting longer and longer these days. Keep him happy and you have the most important position arguably in all of sports covered.