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Notre Dame and Florida Schedule a Home-and-Home With Current Third Graders

I really thought COVID might have given us one tiny positive in this year from hell, but it turns out I was being far too optimistic. See, after we saw BYU and Coastal Carolina schedule what turned out to be one of the games of the year — alongside many other programs which were able to do the same — on four days' notice last season, I thought we might be able to end the archaic scheduling practices that have plagued college football forever.

I was wrong.

Everybody get excited for Notre Dame and Florida going at it 10 and 11 years from now! Neither current head coach will still be at his current school and the kids who will be playing in these games are currently having a great time in third grade. But damn it, we have to get those dates locked in.

Now obviously, nobody actually wants another season where teams are scheduling games less than a week out. But why can't we adopt an adjusted basketball model where the schedules are completed a couple years out — I understand why it can't be a month before the season like basketball — and you're at least playing with some players on your current roster?

It's not even like this is the first game Florida has scheduled for 2031. The Gators already had Texas, Arizona State and FSU on the slate. They're literally booked up a decade out. However, I guess we should finally commend UF for actually scheduling some tough non-conference road games.

Regardless, we should not be scheduling games so far out that a president in his first 100 days will be out of office even if he completes two terms. I'll be watching these games with children of my own. Somebody please fix this.