GOP Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker Might Regret The Philly Cheesesteak Photo-Op


“Scott Walker Sniffs His Own Poop.” That’ll look good in the papers. The top 3 mistakes made by the Wisconsin Governor’s team:

1) Be more of a tourist with the Pat’s and Geno’s. You can’t. For a quick look at all the better cheesesteaks in the city view it here.

2) No mortal should ever consume more than 1.5 cheesesteaks in a sober sitting. Unless it’s 3 am and you’re HAMMERED, there’s no excuse to take extra years off your life like that. Especially if you’re visiting and don’t have home field advantage on the shitter.

3) I don’t know who is running his campaign but they need to be fired ASAP. No, not for allowing those scalawags with their poop signs to be in the vicinity of the press. It’s for encouraging the Governor to sit down. With an comb-over like that he needs to be on stilts his entire campaign. Damn thing looks angry.