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Shout Out To John Franklin III For Becoming The First Alumni From "Last Chance U" To Get A Super Bowl Ring

You remember John Franklin III from the very first season of the fantastic show on Netflix, "Last Chance U". With Tampa Bay winning the Super Bowl Sunday night he became the first guy from any season of the show to win a Super Bowl Ring. Sure, he went on injured reserve in August and never played a snap for the Bucs, but he's still a member of the squad and gets a ring.

He had a super long and complicated road to the NFL too. He started out at Florida State and won a championship in 2014 while only playing 2 games and eventually redshirting. From there he transferred to the famous EMCC just in time for the first season of Last Chance U. He didn't have the best relationship with coach Buddy Stevens and wasn't too thrilled with his playing time and being behind Wyatt Roberts. Had a decent year and ended up transferring to Auburn in 2016. From there he transferred to FAU with Lane Kiffin, went undrafted and signed with the Bears as a defensive back, eventually ended up signing to the Bucs practice squad in 2019 and made an made an appearance in a game where he had a rush for 11 yards. He tore his ACL in August and was put on IR but still, he's a Super Bowl champion now. It's kind of wild that there have been a TON of talented people on the show, several guys in the NFL now, Dakota Allen on the Jags, Ronald Ollie was picked up by the Raiders at one point, and a few others, but it seems like Franklin may be the most athletically talented. 

If you watched the show, which was awesome by the way, you know his attitude. You know how he feels about his talent, and you've seen the talent from him. He wanted to be put in a position where he could succeed. And say what you want about him, the guy worked his ass off to get where he is now. People will clown on him for being on the practice squad and that's insane. The guy is living his dream and is apart of a team that won it all, good for him. He went from getting ripped on Netflix by his coach to sharing a locker room with Tom Brady and getting fitted for a ring.