Tonight's UNC/Miami Game Is Canceled Because Two UNC Players Got Caught Partying After Beating Duke And Miami Said They 'Weren't Comfortable Playing Them'

First things first, I have absolutely zero problem with this move by Miami. You have 71-year old Jim Larranaga as their head coach and whatever he's comfortable with is the right call. That's not for us to decide, just him. Second, it's fucking hilarious to think of Miami, THE U, refusing to play people because of partying. Think about everything we know about Miami and them being the ones to say ehh not tonight is not lost on me. Back to the situation here though. The Daily Tar Heel, the UNC school paper, actually had the story and video of Bacot and Sharpe partying: 

This might be peak 2021 though. From the pandemic to the game being canceled to the fact that someone posted it on social media, just how dumb can you be? If you want to party and you play basketball at North fucking Carolina, you make sure no one posts that shit. Hell, this is a program that skated by on a technicality to get players to take fake classes. They know how to brush things under the rug. Feel like it should be a standard rule that if you play at a big time program in football or basketball, you don't post shit on social media. It's not like they were on Franklin Street, this is a few people. You gotta tighten that circle apparently. 

From a basketball standpoint, UNC needed this game. They were favored. They are a projected 10 seed on BracketMatrix (site that takes every single bracketology into one). At this stage they need to rack up wins as they get ready to close with games against Louisville, Virginia, FSU and Virginia Tech. Just don't post shit on social media and be smart. Pretty simple here fellas. We're trying to get all the games we can before March. 

PS: I can't imagine how much running Bacot and Sharpe are going to do. You know ol Roy is fucking pissed and that's something you don't want. You just can hear the words 'suicides' or 'on the blue' and you immediately shiver. Have fun with that running.