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The Super Bowl TV Ratings Were Higher in Boston Than Tampa

Source - Plenty of Patriots fans still love to watch Tom Brady.

Via John Ourand of Sports Business Daily, the TV rating in Boston actually surpassed the TV rating in Tampa.

According to Ourand, Boston generated a rating of 57.6, which means that 57.6 percent of all TVs in the market were turned to the game. In Tampa, that number was 52.3.

The 57.6 rating in Boston surpasses the rating generated there for all but one of the Patriots’ Super Bowl appearances. Which is, frankly, an amazing outcome.

So, yes, nearly a year after he left town, Tom Brady still moves the needle in and around Massachusetts.

By the time you reach adulthood, if you're still holding onto concepts like "deserving" or "fairness" as if they apply to the real world, then your parents did you real disservice. If from nowhere else but the "Malcolm in the Middle" theme, you should've learned that "life is unfair." People who would truly cherish a thing don't always get it. And people who possess treasures untold are not always happy with it. Millions of kids around the world could entertain themselves for a day pushing a metal hoop down a dirt road with a stick. While your kid threw his "Madden" on a shelf because it had glitches and then complained until you overpaid on eBay for a PS5. 

I don't know when exactly this lesson was drilled into me for good. It might have come from having three older brothers who slowly built up an immunity to my dewy, long-eyelashed, sad eyed pout whenever I wanted the TV. It could have been a Roughing the Passer call on Ray Hamilton or watching Bucky Dent hit a pop up over the Green Monster or Daryl Strawberry take Al Nipper into orbit or Larry Bird forced to lay on his stomach in front of the bench or "Saving Private Ryan" lose to "Shakespeare in Love." But at some point, I figured out that worrying about who deserves what is a sucker's game. 

And this piece of news proves it. If life made sense, the people who most appreciate having Tom Brady playing for them would have Tom Brady playing for them. The fact that Boston - a city of dreary, downtrodden, sullen, grudge-holding Irish bog trotters still pulling emotional shrapnel out of our souls from losing Brady and Gronk - are watching in greater numbers than the city they are actually playing for, is a crime against nature. 

I mean, what were the people of Tampa watching, if not the game? Where the counter programming the Super Bowl with a pro bowling or a faith healer show or something? Was everyone killing time watching reruns of "Bob's Burgers" or that big "Batwoman"/"Charmed" double header on CW waiting for the premiere of Queen Latifah's "The Equalizer?" Maybe TCM was showing a Humphrey Bogart marathon, so the octogenarians couldn't be bothered to watch history being made. But by God is it an insult to nature that a city so indifferent to the success is the one that gets all the success. 

Tampa Bay is like a child star who gets everything they want and is too immature to understand the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. It lacks value because they didn't earn it or struggle for it. Give somebody something for nothing (ie Brady chose them when he could've just as easily chosen any of about 25 NFL markets) and it's worth nothing to them. He'll probably win four more with them before he's done, and the ratings will go down every season, mark my words. 

Again, "deserving" is a stupid concept, meant entirely for children. That said, we deserve Tom Brady and Tampa doesn't.