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Hold The Phone...You Can Actually Make a 3D Printed House & Sell it For $300,000

I am so confused right now. So fucking confused. Like walking out of the movie theater after seeing Inception for the first time type of confused.

I mean 3D printing is actually a thing? Like that's real? I vividly remember having 1 measly class about it back when I was a college man in I'd say 2014-2015ish, but the whole idea of 3D printing has kind've slipped my mind since due to it sounding like there's a better chance I become vegan before this technology exists. I was under the full impression it was somewhat of a scientific breakthrough if they 3D printed something like a cardboard box or nunchucks, yet we're out here making actual HOMES?!?!?!?

Not to mention I just checked out beautiful Riverhead, Long Island on Zillow (haven't been over there since back in Splish Splash's glory days) and every single house is at least $470k+ then you got this 3D printed abode hanging out on the market for a measly 300k! 

3 Beds, 2 bath, all made by the same technology that was behind the cinematic masterpiece we know as Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. And I'm pretty sure this house is nicer than just about every house on Long Island sans Billy Joel's house & the Hamptons. All you gotta do is take a peak at those pictures on Zillow to tell this should be worth 1000000x more than 300k. 

I'm nothing short of speechless. All of a sudden I think there's a future in this 3D printing thing, huh?