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I Can't Help But Laugh At These Mysterious NBA Executives Who Say Danny Ainge Is "Up To Something"

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You knew it was only a matter of time. As we inch closer and closer to March 25th, everyone with a brain knew we would start to see "reports" and "rumors" about how "active" the Celtics are going to be heading into the deadline. That Danny Ainge was "up to something". It's basically death, taxes, Celtics trade rumors. 

The latest comes from Kevin O'Connor, who I love. Big KOC guy ever since his CelticsBlog days. I'd say almost all Celtics fans know who he is. He's also about a billion times more connected than any of us so when he says something, I listen. He's not really someone who throws shit out there just to go viral on the internet or anything like that. Well, he dropped this little nugget this morning

Late Saturday evening, I received a flurry of texts from multiple executives around the league who said the Celtics were up to something. What they’re up to is unclear, but league sources have long said Boston is searching for upgrades to bolster its wing and big man position.

I couldn't help but laugh for a couple of reasons. First, of course they are. I'm pretty sure Ainge and Mike Zarren are doing nothing different from any front office in the league when it comes to checking in prior to the trade deadline. But what's funny is the second any team is contacted by Ainge, they immediately leak it. It's so bizarre. All it really does is feed into the "Almost Ainge" narrative. Who knows what was even talked about, maybe he checked in on a player that is in no way available. We then get the leak the Ainge was "interested" in Player X but ultimately the trade didn't happen, even if it was never going to happen to begin with. It's almost as if rival executives cannot help themselves in this regard.

Also, this isn't exactly….news. Of course Ainge is looking to improve his roster! That's the whole point of the TPE. Are there really executives out there that are scared of Ainge and that he is "up to something"? That just makes me laugh

"We don't know what Ainge is doing….but it's something!"

Does that happen with any other GM in the league? Because I can assure you every single GM on a team that's good is doing "something", but it's only news when Ainge does it. Where are the leaks about the GMs for the Sixers/Bucks/Warriors/Jazz/Clippers etc? They aren't doing anything to improve their team? It's not an accident that a certain GM is talked about in the media/Twitter. People LOVE talking about Danny Ainge making/not making trades.

People also love to talk about how Ainge never does anything, despite the Celtics making the most trades in the NBA since he took over. People use his resistance to trade the Jays for rentals as a negative. Has anyone seen what they are doing lately? One might suggest that was actually smart. This season is a little different, mostly because this TPE is going to expire if he does nothing. You can't let that asset go to waste, so this is really the first year that you can have legit beef if Ainge doesn't do what he can to improve the bench/roster. 

It's just no surprise that we're getting leaks like this as we get closer to the deadline. It's only going to increase too. That's why it's important that we all remember the #1 rule when it comes to Danny Ainge and trades. If we hear about it on the internet, it's probably bullshit. Kind of like how we heard the Celtics were a "finalist" for James Harden. That was a good one.

There is no doubt that Ainge has to do something and the pressure is on. But he also doesn't have to use the Hayward TPE in 6 weeks. He has a full year. But that certainly won't stop people from running to the media any time his office calls to check in on a player. That's why KOC's report makes me laugh. It's almost as if those NBA executives were cumming themselves with that nugget that Ainge is working the phones.

Yeah no shit sherlock, welcome to planet earth.