Strongest Bicycle Rider In The World Takes It Upon Himself To Move A Parked Car Off The Bike Path





I actually can’t decide if he is or not.  On the one hand, just go around the car bud.  There’s so much space there.  Your bike has wheels.  Peddle around that fucker.  Those bike path lanes aren’t the law. Feel free to color outside the lines a bit and go on with your day.  It’d take two seconds and you wouldn’t have to lift an entire car.  Seems like the way to go.  No need to save the day and show off your big muscles to a cheering crowd.  We get it.  You’re literally strong enough to move cars.  We already knew that simply by the way he looks.  Some people just look like they can move cars.  They usually have bald heads, tattoos, back acne and their arms are built like rocket launchers.  Flip side, that guy who parked his car on the bike path is a real asshole and deserves to get his Matchbox car tossed in the the sea by The Mountain from Game of Thrones.  Just a ridiculous parking job.  The guy who parked the car is a million times the asshole that muscle man is. Pulled up, parked it at an impossible angle, walked away. Those people need to be sterilized.