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If You Try To Take a Selfie With A Rattlesnake, You're Gonna Have A Bad Time (And a $150,000 Medical Bill)

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CBS - For a man in San Diego, getting bitten by a rattlesnake was just the beginning of his problems. The life-threatening encounter was followed by a shocking medical bill: $153,000 for his treatment. Todd Fassler was bitten earlier this month, reportedly while trying to pose for a selfie with the snake. Fassler’s bill included a line item of $83,341.25 for “pharmacy” to cover the antivenom, as reporter Dan Haggerty of KGTV in San Diego posted on Twitter. According to the original report, Fassler used up the antivenom supply from two hospitals. 

The selfie giveth, and the selfie taketh away. Sometimes you get a really badass selfie and you slap a filter on that badboy and throw it up on the Gram and the likes come pouring in. And other times you try to take a really badass selfie and the poisonous snake bites you and your arm loses all function and you’re given a pat on the ass and a $150,000 medical bill on the way out the door. That’s the cost of living life on the edge though I guess. Some people go through life without trying to take selfies with Rattlesnakes, and some people do what the kids refer to as “YOLO’ing” and throw caution to the wind, human killing snake be dammed. The best part is that this asshole left the hospital just two weeks prior to this with another snake bite. That’s snake life though. He was going to get his damn snake selfie and those precious internet points. Nobody can stop him, not the venom from the snake, not the $150,000 hospital bill, not the 3 remaining brain cells in his body. Snake selfie or die.