Let’s Check In on How College Basketball’s Bluebloods Are Doing This Season

With the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, the next major sporting event in America is the best of them all: March Madness. We are just 34 days away from Selection Sunday, and if you haven't really been following the sport this season, you probably assume the household names are preparing for another run at cutting down the nets at the Final Four. 

Duke must be gearing up for a big run, right? Coach Cal and Kentucky? How about the Kansas Jayhawks? Tom Izzo and the Spartans, North Carolina, and UCLA? Not so fast. I present to you a stunning statistic:

Crazy, crazy times. For further depth and clarity, let's break down each of college basketball's bluebloods, and their chances to make next month's NCAA Tournament:

Kentucky: 5-12 (4-6) - Only chance at making it in is winning the SEC Tournament. Zero chance at an at-large bid.

North Carolina: 12-6 (7-4) - Believe it or not, the Tar Heels beat Duke on Saturday in what was a true bubble game. They're probably on the right side of the bubble at this point, but it's still not a great season for UNC standards.

UCLA: 13-4 (9-2) - Mick Cronin's team is the "safest" blueblood to make the tournament, if it were to start today. However, the Pac 12 is not great, and the Bruins have dealt with the injury bug over the course of the season. I'd say their ceiling is the Sweet 16, but you never know.

Kansas: 12-7 (6-5) - The Jayhawks should still make the tournament, but they just fell out of the rankings after a weekend loss to West Virginia. They are still looking for "that guy" to emerge on the offensive end.

Duke: 7-7 (5-5) - Yikes.

Indiana: 10-8 (5-6) - The Hoosiers may have saved their season yesterday while completing a regular season sweep against Iowa. They're still below .500 in the B1G, but the majority of those losses are to tournament bound teams. Indiana still controls its own destiny due to solid opportunities on the schedule down the stretch.

Michigan State: 9-7 (3-7) - Similar to Indiana, the Spartans still have plenty of opportunities to pick up quality wins down the stretch. The only issue is that seven conference losses with seven gams to go is a lot. They can't afford many more.

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