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In Honor Of Antonio Winfield Jr. Chucking Up The Deuce To Tyreek Hill, Let's Kick Off Our Week By Watching A Bunch Of Wrestlers Having Their Finishing Move Used Against Them

Look, we know today sucks. A bunch of us are nursing hangovers fueled by booze, a shitload of sodium, or a sore wallet. In addition to that, there is a giant football hole in our soul that will not be filled until September. The draft, the preseason, and the Hard Knocks song will do their best to makes us feel complete, but they will all fail until the Bucs play on that fateful Thursday night. 

So what better way to fight off this shitty day than watching the most disrespectful thing a sports entertainer can do, which is steal their opponents finishing move? Landing a stunner on Stone Cold or a Rock Bottom on The Rock would never do the damage of the other guy doing it. But it was an act of aggression reserved for only the most bitter feuds.