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Tony Romo Losing His Mind About Antoine Winfield Taunting Tyreek Hill Was The Worst Part Of The Super Bowl, Maybe Even Romo's Career

One of the signature moments of the Super Bowl was Antoine Winfield chucking the deuces up to Tyreek Hill. Everyone's favorite human in the world Clem talked about it here but he left out one very important part. The reaction by Tony Romo: 

You get the point. Going on and on about how he doesn't condone Winfield throwing the deuces up to Tyreek and kicking him when he's down. Let me be very clear. Shut the fuck up, Tony. This is *near* Joe Buck's 'this is disgusting' when Randy Moss mooned the Packers crowd. It's fucking hilarious. We're talking about sports here. We need more taunting, not less of it, ESPECIALLY at the Super Bowl. 

What's not to condone here? Let me guess - setting a bad example for the kids? Well, let me quote that MJ meme here. Fuck them kids. Kids needs to learn that there are winners and losers in sports. Kids need to learn that not everyone is a winner and everyone is all friendly during competition. Nope, I'm all about teaching my son that you rip the heart out of your opponent during sports and then after shake their hand. But talk your shit during the game. 

But back to this specific moment, this is the perfect taunt. Hitting Tyreek with his own taunt is beautiful. He's not sitting here going aggressive. He hit the deuces, something that Tyreek hits every game. Wonder if Romo 'doesn't condone that' every time Tyreek was streaking down the sidelines. Makes you think. 

Long story short, we need more hate in sports. We need more shit talking. We need to embrace it. Stop throwing flags for something like this. Stop being Tony Romo in this situation.