NE Philly Wench Decided The Middle Of The Street Was A Good Spot To Take A Shit

Top of the morning to you! I was debating posting this because A) It only encourages people’s thinking that Philly is literally a hot, steaming dump. And 2) I actually feel bad for her. Like, really bad. But then again if you’re drop heat in the middle of the road act that nonchalant like it’s par for the methamphetamine course, I don’t think it matters. Get this thing back to its bubbling cauldron and away from my Wawa. I mean, Christ, lady, even dogs have enough common sense and courtesy to shit on the grass.

For everyone who thinks Philadelphians are scumbags, just remember we have decent citizens who pick up 89 cent toilet paper and deliver it to vile beings on the street who just shit themselves. We look out for our people.