My Buccaneers Are Super Bowl Champions!!!

What a Super Bowl Sunday. It's such a surreal day. It took forever yet flew by. With a 6:30pm start, there is a lot of time to do all sorts of things:

The game didn't start off great. The Chiefs won the toss, elected to defer and the Bucs went three and out. But when the defense took the field, it was clear there was something different about Tampa Bay's gameplan from their Week 12 matchup as Tyreek Hill was bracketed everywhere he went. The Chiefs went on to go up 3-0, but it was all Bucs after that. 

They started out their next drive with three straight runs by Playoff Lenny and got the sticks moving. Tom Brady then started cooking with passes to Antonio Brown and Cam Brate going for first downs and we were in business. This Brady => Gronk TD was beautiful and a new wrinkle we hadn't seen all season.

Personal note: my energy was on another level tonight. I get jacked up for Week 1 like it's life or death, so the fact that we're playing for a Championship makes me actually feel the atmospheric pressure on my body.

Sorry for partying. Anyways, the Chiefs had a BRUTAL penalty (which would be a theme for the night) on a 4th & 5. They had a guy line up in the neutral zone, so the Bucs took a made FG off the board and Brady => Gronk happened again! These guys are amazing. Pats fans are so incredibly fortunate to have had this connection for so long. 

And for anybody that was riding with me, my prop parlay hit on that TD:

The Chiefs drove down the field fairly easily after that, but the Bucs defense tightened up and held the Chiefs to a FG. The Bucs got the ball back with 1:04 left and one timeout. In a drive that will get scrutinized pretty heavily, the Chiefs (rightly so) called a timeout after a Bucs run went for no gain on 1st down. But on 2nd down, Brady threw it quickly to Chris Godwin for 8 yards. So 3rd & 2 with 44 seconds left on their own 37. The Bucs had one timeout, but the Chiefs used their second timeout. Brady threw a quick hitter to Gronk for a 1st down and the Bucs were in business. After a long penalty on a Chiefs Cornerback, the Bucs capitalized right before the half with a Touchdown to Antonio Brown.

It was 21-6 at the half and I was feeling good! The 2nd half was much of the same, Patrick Mahomes just couldn't get comfortable behind a ragtag Offensive Line. Meanwhile, Playoff Lenny knew what time it was:

Todd Bowles' defense continued being spectacular and won the turnover battle 2-0 including a big one here:

This has been a magical season from Tom signing to a readymade roster. Jason Licht and the whole front office put together a powerhouse roster that was ready to go. Tom Brady and his agent Don Yee made the right choice with Tampa Bay and now he has his 7th ring. I'm on cloud nine and life is incredible:

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