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Different team, different year, same old super bowl shit. Feels so good and so right to get a Gronk touchdown to get things moving towards the over club. I need that jacket so fucking bad I can taste it and there's nothing that makes me more confident than Brady opposite Mahomes. You know the Chiefs are going to get their points as evidenced by several wide open downfield receivers so far. But really we need Brady to dial up some reads and audibles and exactly what we just saw on that drive. 

Btw Gronk is so much cooler than Kelce. That's not news but Kelce is just a total loser. I saw him at Soldiers for the double doink game. He was in the section over cheering for his brother Jason. Polite when we crossed paths but generally speaking he's a mutant. He got up in the 2nd quarter to get a nacho and a water. I know he's an all pro but who the fuck gets stadium nachos?

Not Gronk. 

Bucs lead 7-3. 

PS - Fix the site. Whoever is responsible just do yourself a favor and fix it. Bad things are coming.