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‘Framing Britney Spears’ Will Make You Rethink How to Feel About Justin Timberlake

A new documentary about Britney Spears and the Free Britney movement was released on Hulu over the weekend. It gives a look into how HORRIBLY she was treated by everyone around her at the peak of her career. Her family, the public, the media, paparazzi...they all used her and took advantage for their own gain. So many of the clips from old interviews will SHOCK you. The things people would get away with asking her is disgusting.

One of the most talked about moments is when they discuss the Britney/Justin Timberlake relationship. He basically build his solo career after taking her down. By claiming she cheated, the world hated Britney and loved Justin. He had the Britney lookalike in the Cry Me A River video AND they play a clip from an interview where he openly talks about having sex with Britney.

Needless to say people are not happy with Justin. Combine that with super bowl weekend and everyone always looking back at the Justin/Janet Jackson’s a reminder that JT might not be as great as we all think.

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