Robinhood: Men In Tights (FULL MOVIE)

I know Sundays are typically reserved for recharging the batteries and getting ready for tomorrow but I figured I'd throw up a classic movie just in case you guys are looking for a laugh. Even if it's underrated historically, Robinhood: Men In Tights is bound to keep your knees slapped and the laughs rollings. 

At a deeper level, it's sad that mid-budget spoof movies simply don't get the green light anymore. This one had a bigger budget than Scary Movie and that's the last great one I can remember. Even if that doesn't mean much there should be less CGI action and more spoof comedies crossing exectuive producers' desks. Scary Movie did 14x the budget so spare me the investment argument. End of the day laughter is the most powerful currency. 

Anyways interested to hear what you guys think about this one. I know it's a little dated but to me the humor still plays and I really don't see that changed.