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Whoever Voted For Big Ben Instead Of Alex Smith For Comeback Player Of The Year Needs To Be Shipped To Jupiter Immediately


First of all, let's congratulate Alex Smith on winning CPOY, a well deserved honor. In fact, they should name the entire award after him now, no question about that. 

But the more pressing matter at the moment is how in the world did Big Ben get 1 of the votes? I guess I understand, if in that world an elbow injury is more serious than 17 surgeries, near-amputation of his leg, near-death moments, being told he'd never walk again, and 693 days between games. That'd be quite a weird world to live in, but apparently someone out there does.

What Alex Smith did this year was the greatest comeback in sports history not just because he played against all odds, but because he went 5-1 and led us to the playoffs. It's not like he sat on the bench. It's not like he played a few snaps here and there. He was the full-fledged starter and won meaningful games on the way to winning the NFC East. It's the most cut and dry CPOY in CPOY history.

I don't think the 1 vote means anything, but I do think that person is a moron and should no longer be able to vote for anything ever, because clearly their brain doesn't work. 

Regardless, congrats to Alex on winning the future Alex Smith Comeback Player Of The Year Award.