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Wake Up With Carson Wentz Highlights From 2017 When He Actually Good

Hey look at that version of Carson Wentz from like basically forever ago when he was going to win the MVP, the Super Bowl, and be the face of Philadelphia for a decade. Pretty prettyyyyyyy good. Then the ACL, Foles, and his game went to absolute shit. For a moment though, for 14 weeks, he was the next big thing. Now...he sucks. What happened to him, his game, his brain, his confidence I have NO idea. I would love if someone could explain to me how a young guy could go from a star in the making to the top of the trash heap in like 12 months. It is legit one of the mysteries of sports right now because the guy in that video looks like a playmaker. The 2020 version got benched for a guy who got benched in college for Tua. 

This trade...

Reportedly by Natalie the trade is Foles, Tarik Cohen, and a first round pick. Foles stinks and we have exhausted the amount of merch we can sell about the size of his dick. Getting his money of the books...good. I've never been the biggest Cohen guy. If he's out of the picture that is more money off the books and more touches for Monty. Also good things. The first round pick hurts. I feel like Pace should be able to negotiate his way out of that. Any competent GM should be like "ha, fuck you. We aren't giving you a 1st round pick for a guy you've given up on because of this...

and then the Eagles would say "we had to try" and they both move on and the Eagles accept something like Cohen, Foles, and a conditional future draft pick that can turn into a 1st if Wentz like throws for 4000 yards and 30 TDs or something like that. 

All the reports heading into the off-season were that the Bears were going to be "major players in the QB market". Took a run at Stafford struck out. They don't have the draft capital probably to get a guy like Watson…struck out. The fact that they're ending up with broken and expensive QB that could set the franchise back another 6 years if it doesn't work out is the most Bears thing of all time….or maybe just watch 2017 highlights and pray for the best.