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Rate This Stoolie's Music Video "Bitch, I'm Whipping A Saab"


So I recently wrote and recorded this hardcore rap anthem about driving a 2003 Saab and it’s sort of gone viral on Facebook (for what that’s worth) so I thought I would send it through because I read the site everyday and feel like it would be something you guys would toss up on there.



Well there you have it. Joe Bags made a music video called “B*itch, I’m Whipping a Saab”. My main gripes: I don’t understand why he chose to use the * instead of the “i” in bitch. Is it a YouTube thing? Can you not curse in titles on YouTube? Can’t be true. You can watch a horse fuck a guy on the Internet but can’t say Bitch on YouTubes? Can’t be so. So -1 point for that. Also, a couple weird fashion moves. Two instances of the undershirt under the button down. But then he rocks the Speedo, which cancels out one of the stained yellow collar undershirts. Few more subtractions here and there, and some funny parts too, so I think for a guy’s first time making a video, he lands at a 6.8.

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