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UNC Fans Going Bonkers In The Streets To Celebrate Beating An Unranked, Bad Duke Team Is The Saddest Shit Ever

I'll have the balls to say it. This is pathetic. I'm not even talking people freaking out because of Covid or anything like that. It's just pathetic to celebrate beating a dogshit team like this. You're UNC, you're supposed to be a blue blood. I don't even care about a rivalry, you play them again in two weeks. That's what I fucking hate about this rivalry. Well, that, the people involved, everyone in NJ/NYC talking about how they bleed Carolina/Duke blue without being able to figure out where North Carolina even is. Act like you should beat an NIT team. Or wait until the second game because of course Duke has a chance to tie up the season series and at 1-1 like most years you just talk about how awesome the rivalry is. We need to make Duke/UNC play once a year. That's what makes a rivalry worth it. Fuck outta here with playing twice a year and splitting. That's boring, JV shit. 

I don't know who to make fun of more here though, UNC for celebrating like this or Duke for being just complete dogshit. At least show up and beat someone, anyone this year. Hell, Kentucky has 2 better wins than Duke and Kentucky fucking sucks. Beat you to that one. I just can't believe UNC would celebrate like this. I'm not even anti-party or shit like that, just make sure you win the series once. This is like when teams run their mouth after winning game 1 in the NBA/NHL playoffs. That shit doesn't matter long term. 

Legit question - what do these UNC fans do if Duke beats them in two weeks? Do we just pretend like this wasn't a national title celebration? That's why you gotta build up the celebration. If you sweep the season series go ahead and go nuts. Just keep it to house parties when you beat your rival in game 1.