The Flyover: America's Greatest Pregame Tradition (VIDEO)

It's been described as the most exciting 5 seconds in sports and I don't think you can be more accurate. Everyone and I mean literally EVERYONE loves a flyover. The first person who says otherwise should immediately have their brain donated to research for being an all time moron. Just surrender yourself to the progress of science if you got beef with a flyover. 

Personally I just can't figure out the timing. Between synchronizing the maneuvers with a ground level marching band and bombing a hostile target at a time of war, I honestly might take the flyover as a more impressive feat. These guys simply don't miss. Really gets you thinking as a red blooded American about why this country is so awesome. Yesterday it was Frank the Tank on a private jet. Today it's because we've got billions of dollars in high tech war time military equipment canvassing Tampa airspace tonight for entertainment purposes only. Like an old Russian Cold War military parade propaganda film except none of the communism and all of the pageantry afforded by the world's greatest spectacle. 

You can keep your half time show. I'll even give you the national anthem prop bet. But for my money you really just can't beat a good flyover, and there's none better than Super Bowl Sunday. 

Let's have a day boys.