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The Man Who Put a Tennessee Flag Atop the Crane Renovating Rupp Arena Is a National Hero

I don't know if the University of Kentucky is who's actually renovating Rupp Arena — there's also a mall and hotel in there and it's off-campus, it's a weird deal — but whoever contracted out the work to a company from Knoxville inadvertently gave us one of the great heroes of our time.

It may seem trivial, but I guarantee you there are Kentucky fans legitimately fuming over this. And honestly, I would be too if the roles were reversed. Just knowing there's an orange and white flag waving high above Rupp Arena while the Volunteers go for their third win in their last four tries in Lexington brings me sincere joy.

I hope we find out who the currently unknown hero is and hook him up with tickets to the UK game in Knoxville or something. This man is a true ride or die member of Vol Nation.

Unfortunately, this flag has not swayed the officials from taking on Rupperee status, but you know you're playing five-on-eight when you go into Lexington. Hopefully the flag helps things turn around in the second half.