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Rise Frank The Tank Rise

How it started


How it's going

Unnnnnnnbelievable. We hear how there needs to be a 30 For 30 done about pretty much every story in sports. But the rise of Frank Fleming is truly 30 For 30 worthy. If the NJ Transit doesn't run late on Opening Day, Frank Fleming doesn't become a viral sensation, Dave Portnoy doesn't fall in love with him, Frankie Midnight doesn't get hired by Barstool Sports after grinding in the blog game for more than a decade, and Frank The Tank doesn't fly home on a private jet after mocking Jose Canseco in a prize fight run by his company.

True sliding doors shit since the doors of the INCOMPETENT New Jersey Transit weren't there to slide open because they were running late as usual. Frank's story of getting hired is one of the craziest you'll ever hear, even though I guess you can make the case for the guy who got hired after fighting off a swarm of Stoolies during his random gambling live stream and the guy who played a fictitious college football coach in a video game that was 7 years old. Just another dream being made by those evil people at B*rst**l!