Does Lasting Only 12 Seconds in the Ring Say Something About Jose Canseco's Stamina Outside the Ring?

Rough N Rowdy 13 was really an enjoyable night of amateur boxing. There were some great fights and some not so great fights, but that's amateur fighting. The ring girls did not disappoint. They were dazzling, dressed in skimpy wardrobes, displaying the fancy footwork and daring floor routines that hearkens me back to Boston's Combat Zone in the early 70s.

Twenty-two-year-old Billy Football was primed, ready, and showed no fear when he stepped into the ring with a man who outweighed him by almost 50 lbs. Billy came out fast and furious and after just a few hard right hands, Jose Canseco went down in the corner and was unable to continue. Fight over!

It was, however, disappointing that after talking all the pre-fight smack, Jose Canseco was unable to last more than 12 seconds. Apparently, there's no little blue pill for amateur boxers. For Jose's sake, let's all hope his stamina is better outside the ring...

In addition to the fight inside the ring, Canseco was getting a virtual ass kicking outside the ring on Twitter. Here are a few of the "Meme Highlights" from Rough N Rowdy 13.