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The Lions Apparently Opened Their Matthew Stafford Trade Negotiations With The Rams By Asking For Aaron Donald

Look at the Lions painting a masterpiece with the art of the deal. Oh you guys want the quarterback that everyone knows we are going to move on from? Let's start things by sending the best defensive player in the universe to Detroit! I'm not sure if you guys have read the newspaper recently, but apparently quarterback is the most important position in sports and according to his Football Reference page, Aaron Donald has not taken a snap at quarterback in his entire career. Not a one! And remember that sweet video of Aaron Donald training with knives?

Yup, those knives were fake as fuck. 

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Trading your franchise QB for a guy scared to train with real knives would be a completely foolhardy move, which is actually the type of move the Lions usually end up making. Luckily for the Rams, the Lions moved on from getting Donald to getting Jared Goff and a whole bunch of draft picks, which is also a lucky thing for the other 30 NFL teams because the thought of Aaron Donald being ordered to eat knee caps and other assorted body parts by this guy is flat out terrifying.

In all seriousness, the Lions are fortunate that Sean McVay really wanted Matthew Stafford because there are probably some teams that would be outright offended with that offer and refuse to do business after you made it. As a longtime fantasy football player, I understand you always start a trade negotiation with your worst offer and I know Kanye said the phrase "Shoot for the stars, so if you fall you land on a cloud" (if Kanye said it then it must be true). But Les Snead could have easily blocked every phone number with a Detroit area code after Aaron Donald's name got floated and nobody on either franchise would've blamed him.