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Carson Wentz BLOWS

Really no other way to put it as the news materializes that the Bears are very serious contenders for Carson Wentz. And not just very serious, but it's reported you will need to come OVER THE TOP to steal Wentz away from the Bears at this point. You'll have to out duel Ryan Pace and George McCaskey at the negotiating table. Just the sound of that makes me want to face plant off the golden gate. These guys are such bozos. 

Everyone knows Carson Wentz fucking blows. I don't need to point to injuries, statistics, tape or anything else to prove my point. If you have consciousness, you know he sucks. The kind of objective truth Plato would have never challenged. And it sounds like he's coming to Chicago. You couldn't be more pathetic if you tried. 

Worst part? We're surrounded by morons. McCaskey wakes up everyday looking for opportunities to get swindled. And nothing will ever change because nobody in that building has a modicum of the requisite leadership traits. So here comes Carson fucking Wentz, just another scar-tissue riddled scapegoat for the big boys like Ted Phillips to hide behind as we pretend we're something more than average. 

I'm tired. 

Please don't talk shit to me right now.