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Just A Quick Reminder Here Why Red Lights Exist



BUNDLED.  That’s a little refresher course on red lights.  They are there for a reason.  I get where that lady is coming from though.  I really do.  Nothing worse than sitting at a red light seemingly forever and there’s no cross traffic to be found.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  The thought of, “Why the hell do I have to sit here and obey a stupid colored light?  I know when there’s traffic coming and I know when there isn’t traffic coming.  I have a brain” has crossed everybody’s mind.  Most of us continue to sit there because we’re slaves to that red light.  You go through years and years of conditioning to the point that you have a mental block.  You won’t run a red light even if there’s no traffic.  It has nothing to do with police or consequences either.  Your brain just won’t let you.  It’s like pissing your pants.  Go ahead.  Try to piss your pants right now. I’d bet a million dollars you can’t do it (if you’re drunk it’s cheating).  Or at the very least it would take a few tries. Mental block.  Well somehow some way that lady on the scooter fought through her mental block and was reminded why it’s there in the first place. Because no matter how sure you are that there’s no traffic coming, there might be traffic coming and it’ll knock your ass to the ground.