Francesa Rants About People Piling On Hulk Hogan, Tells Doug Gottlieb And His Haters "Bring It On"

So for those who dont listen to WFAN 24/7 like myself and the sports radio junkies, they do these CBS Sports Minutes where its literally the personification of the “Hot Take” internet joke. Its 60 seconds where you a random radio host gives their opinion on a hot topic. Sometimes its someone famous and successful like Boomer Esiason, other times its just a nobody, like this “MDA” character who was going bananas about Hulk Hogan. So now apparently theres a war brewing. The CBS Sports Minute Nobodies vs The King:

I will literally never ever ever get tired of Mike slanging his giant Sports Pope dick around WFAN’s airways. Completely bulletproof, completely untouchable, and always just shitting in the mouth’s of anybody trying to come at him. The man has made so much money and knows that no matter what happens he will always have an audience its not even fair when you trying to come at the King.

What he said about Hulkster is so true too. Coming out and condemning what Hulk Hogan said right now isnt exactly some sort of breaking news making headlines. Its real easy to rant and rave on a topic that is that much of an open and closed case.

PS – The next caller told Mike his one criticism is that he speaks over callers too often. I’ll give you one guess how that ended:

Update: I guess Doug Gottlieb is spearheading the team of guys who does the CBS Sports Minutes:

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