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Watch This School Janitor Hit the Most Casual Backwards Half-Court Shot of All-Time

This janitor is one of the coolest people to ever live. He got done cleaning the school gym, saw a basketball sitting on the baseline and just casually drained a backwards half-court shot on his way out the door — and seemed only mildly surprised when it went in.

Is this guy some sort of secret trick shot wizard? Because if I was going to try just one shot from that distance, it would most certainly be facing the basket. But it's almost like he knew he could make a half-court heave rather easily if he could see where he was shooting. He just flung the ball over his shoulder, saw that it didn't even touch the rim on its way down and briefly raised his arms and then went on his way. I can't get over how casually all of this happens.

What are the odds of making that shot? The consensus online seems to be that a normal person has about a 1 percent chance of making a normal half-court shot. Then let's just say it's equally as difficult to do it backwards. So 1 in 10,000? And this guy took about two seconds before he picked up his vacuum and walked out of the gym. I am fascinated by this man.

If ever there was a shot that deserves the Titanic music, it's this one.