10 Years Ago Today, Anderson Silva Landed The Greatest Front Kick Of All Time

Legendary....iconic....biblical....celestial; all words to describe this spectacular front-kick finish that launched Anderson Silva into a new realm of superstardom on this day ten years ago. 

God, what a psychopath Anderson was in his prime, huh? You could expect true 'Neo from the Matrix' type shit in every fight.

Anderson Silva kicking Vitor's head into the 12th row of the Mandalay Bay Events Center is still one of the top finishes in the history of the sport in pretty much anybody's eyes, and it undoubtedly changed the game forever. 

Now you'll see guys throwin these things left and right - and to great success, might I add....

I'd be too afraid to hurt my toes.

Shoutout to Sensei Steven Seagall for making it all possible....

Speaking of fights, I'll be on the call for Billy Football vs Jose Canseco tonight at Rough N Rowdy 13: SuperBrawl III - which I'm expecting to be the best RNR PPV of all time…..