Wouldn't Be A Day In Florida Without A Publix Manager Breaking Up A Fight Between His Wife And Girlfriend In Front Of His Store



Love you Florida, and I mean that in a totally non-sarcastic way. This is why you exist. Obviously not as good as the Publix brawl in the deli


but it still counts as crazy Florida. A Publix manager just trying to get through his shitty ass shift, talking to his girlfriend outside the store during his 10 minute break and then bam, his old lady shows up ready to throw down and solve this shit the old fashioned way, with hair pulling and eye scratching. Even got an A+ cameo from that police officer that couldn’t have given less of a fuck. Just moving as slow as humanly possible thinking to himself “this shit again”.







That’s Florida, forever in our hearts. Never change, never change.




“That moment you realize you’re wearing a silly vest and pink shirt while your girlfriend and wife fist fight in front of your store”.


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