Sources Confirm That Wayne Simmonds Can Still Kick Some Major Ass

What a tilly, boys. Eddie Shore. Olde time hockey. 

Wayne Simmonds and Jordie Benn are a couple of throwbacks. A couple of guys who play the game hard, they play the game honest, and they play the game for the boys. 

Good on Jordie Benn for stepping up right there for Quinn Hughes. His team is getting shit pumped and his star defenseman just got steamrolled. If Jordie Benn has to get his ass kicked to show his squad he has their back and that they've got some fight left in them, then so be it. 

But yeah. Clear decision for the Wayne Train here. My goodness. Not only did Simmer start feeding Benn with some rights at the jump, but once Jordie Benn thought he had things under control and took hold of that right shoulder?

Bam. He immediately hits the switch the southpaw and starts dropping lefts. 

And that right there is the exact type of sandpaper that Toronto was looking for when they signed Simmonds this offseason. The boys needed to toughen up? Why not grab one of the toughest bastards in the league. 

By the way--Simmonds signed a 1-year, $1.5M deal this year. Jason Spezza signed a 1-year deal for the veteran minimum, was placed on waivers, had his agent tell everybody that he would retire if he got claimed on waivers, and then came out last night and pumped 3 in against Vancouver. 

$2.2 million between the two of those guys. 3 goals and a fight win. Seems like Toronto should have just stuck with the cheap vets to get the job done instead of spending half a billy on skill guys. 

Oh and speaking of a great fight, make sure to buy RnR 13 tonight.