20 Fights, No Headgear: Here Is The FULL Fight Card For RnR 13

20 fights... NO HEADGEAR... Jose vs Billy... 4'3'' vs 4'5''... 5 matchups on Play Barstool you can pick before 9:45 PM to win $25k... RING GIRL CONTEST... ONLY. 12. HOURS. AWAY.


(fight order below -- fight card subject to change)

PPV broadcast starts at 8 pm Friday night with 48 hour replay... Big Cat's National Anthem at 8:05 pm followed swiftly by Frank The Tank kicking off RnR 13 with a BANG at 8:08 pm... Buy now and enjoy 3+ hours of pure fucking madness repeatedly all weekend. Go Billy GO!

Order RnR 13 for 20 fights, ring girl contest, 4'3'' vs 4'5'', Jose vs Billy AND MORE STARTING AT 8 PM