A Massive Brawl Broke Out During A Brazilian Soccer Match Because, Well, A Player Decided To Strip Naked After Scoring

[Source] - BRAZILIAN footballer Emerson Carioca has been slapped with an eight-game ban for sparking a riot over his NAKED goal celebration in December.

The 25-year-old bizarrely ripped off his top and lowered his shorts after scoring a dramatic winner against Marica to send Sampaio Correa into the Carioca Championship.

The winger exposed his bottom and waved his genitals at opposing players - triggering an on-pitch brawl. Despite leaving Sampaio Correa to join Portuguesa Carioca, Emerson has still been handed an eight-game ban following his actions.

So apparently this happened in December but it's just making the rounds now because of the 8-match suspension and because it's a random Brazilian soccer match. But what a move. You score against your rival and immediately you have to think about how you're going to celebrate. Do you go with the heart move? Do you blow a kiss? Do you slide into the corner flag? Nope, you get butt ass naked and shake your balls and ass at your rival. 

And rightfully so, you start a massive brawl. You can't just sit by and watch someone get butt ass naked against you to celebrate a goal. No, you have to *ahem* kick their ass. I think I can honestly say I've never seen someone get butt ass naked to celebrate before. Don't hate the move. Should have broken out the dirty bird while butt naked too. Really rub it in. 

Honestly though, the funniest part about it all is the fact he's NOT EVEN ON THE TEAM anymore. Not only that but he still got hit with the 8-game ban. Brutal for the new team. Here you are thinking you made a decent signing and you don't get him for 8 games because he shook his dick and balls all over the place. South American/European soccer man. Nothing in the world like it.