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Use Chrissy Teigen's Story About Accidentally Ordering A $13,000 Bottle Of Wine As Motivation, Not A Reason To Be Mad


I don't follow Chrissy Teigen on the internet because she's not my cup of tea, and to be honest, I have no idea why people follow anyone who they would not consider to be their cup of tea? Just to be mad all day at something you went out of your way to see? Makes no sense. Make your online experience as positive as possible, why do people follow people they know will make them angry?

Anyway, Teigen is known for getting into dust-ups on Twitter. And I respect her for that. She gets bored, she fires off a tweet, people whine, rinse and repeat. It's actually more the reason to like her, she shoots from the hip knowing people will get mad at her. And she did that yet again this week when she shared this story of a time her and her husband John (Legend) were at a restaurant. Here is what she shared: 



Did Chrissy HAVE to share this story about accidentally ordering a $13,000 bottle of wine that she didn't even finish? Certainly not. But my question is, why does it matter? Don't people know her and John are rich as hell? Rich people do things in their daily lives we can't even dream of. Sometimes you buy a new Lambo, sometimes you are at a house party with Billy Joel tickling the keys, and sometimes you accidentally order a $13,000 bottle of wine when you have $100 million in the bank, it fucking happens. I compare this story to when I wanted a side of alfredo sauce for my breadsticks at Olive Garden and then the bill came and it was a $3 charge. How did the waiter not tell me?!?! So I get where she's coming from. I'm going to assume her's didn't happen at an Olive Garden (when I worked there our most expensive bottle of wine was $40) but Hollywood is different so you can never be so sure. 

So anyway, as expected, she got a wholeeeee lot of people being mad at her, she was trending, all that nonsense. Shit like this:





To all these people, shut the fuckkkkkkkk up. Chrissy is rich as shit, I hope she is dumping wine down the toilet for sport if she so desires. "It's not relatable" is the DUMBEST response you can have to a celebrity on Twitter. You thought the supermodel married to the Grammy winner was going to relate to you standing in line at Five Guys? Fuck outta here. Don't follow her if you just want her tweets to cater to your life. 

Being mad at someone who has built themselves up to the point they can buy a $13,000 bottle of wine just makes you a jealous broke boi. That's what it comes down to. Mad at someone who has made it because you haven't. Instead of being mad, print that tweet out and use it as motivation. "One day I'll order a $13,000 bottle of wine by mistake and then tweet about it". Get motivated, not mad.